Rules of procedure

Section Individuals

For your convenience we have provided the option to download the forms required to apply for transition to EN4179 Level 3 certification, or to apply for a recertification.
When sending the forms after completion to the address provided, the Board will review all data submitted for compliance with the requirements listed per EN4179.

downloads1F001 Transition Form
F005 Recertification Form
List of Certified Individuals    

downloads2As an additional service you may find answers to your questions, when downloading our Frequently Asked Question List below:


Section Training Organizations

For your convenience we have provided the option to download the forms required for Aerospace Training organizations in NDT. Send completed forms to the address provided. After receiving the forms and the required payment the NDT board committee will start the evaluation process.

Below you will find the applicable procedures and forms for NDT Training Organizations.


F007 Initial Application Form
F008 Application for extension of scope
F009 NDT Training Course questionnaire
F011 Application for renewal after five years
F012 Audit checklist
F013 Certificate Approval Aerospace Training Organization


P007 Approved Training Organizations
P008 Minimum equipment requirements for ATO
P009 Specimen requirements for ATO
P010 Minimum requirements for the structured training of non-destructive testing practitioners
P011 Rules of procedure

List of Approved Training Organizations



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