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The Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board has been instated to monitor and supervise the compliance of EASA requirements regarding the certification of NDT Level III personnel in the aerospace industry as per EN4179. You can read the articles of association here.

The Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board is recognized by the Human Evironment and Transport Inspectorate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

homeInformation about the Board (Members), the companies represented (Participants), the forms needed to apply for the first time transition, or recertification (Downloads) are available for your convenience.

For those, who wish to get in contact with the Board or one of its members (directly), the applicable information is made available (Contact). In case you have questions about the interpretation of EN4179 we refer to the available F.A.Q.-list (Downloads).
Furthermore, we have listed some addresses which may be of interest for anybody visiting this site (Links).

Please click here to view the 2018 annual report.


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