Bulletin board

Statement revoked ATO certificate

The ATO certificate NL002ATO of SEC Kachestvo Ltd. has been revoked with immediate effect due to the recent established regulations.

Statement external certification

The NANDTB-NL, per effective date of December 9th 2020, will follow the guidelines given by EASA and the European Forum of NDT as to not approve, recognize or certify individuals or Approved Training Organizations (ATO) for NDT from other countries or non-member states (non-EU).


Individuals or Approved Training Organizations seeking approval, recognition, or certification through an NANDTB must seek such through the NANDTB of the country of origin.  For individuals or Approved Training Organizations in countries that have no active NANDTB, the NAA of that country should decide which countries’ NANDTB should be asked for approval, recognition, or certification. This selection of alternate countries’ NANDTB can only be made if the observer role of this NANDTB can be guaranteed.

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