NDT Forum Meeting in Amsterdam, May 13th 2014

In Europe almost every country has it’s own NDT Board, as required by the EASA regulations. Since 2004 the requirements as stated in the EN 4179 became mandatory for all EASA Part 145 approved companies. In just a few countries (e.g. France and the UK) such a Board already existed.Therefore in 2005 in many other European countries a Board was installed.

In 2006, the British Board took the initiative to organize a meeting with representatives of all the European Boards. Apart from getting introduced to each other the purpose of such a meeting was to get a better understanding of what’s going on in Europe with respect to Non Destructive Testing in the Aviation Business, to learn from each other and eventually come to a mutual recognition of the certificates and approvals in other countries. There has been some discussion about the establisment of a European Board, but the conclusion until today is that this will not be achievable. Therefore the meeting was called the European NDT Forum. Twice a year there is a meeting of this Forum.

This year a meeting was held on May 13th, in Amsterdam.

KLM hosted this meeting and 14 European countries were present with one or two representatives. Also coming all the way from down under an Australian representative attended this meeting.

Discussed have been the following items: 
-  Changing members of the board of this forum: the secretary position is a vancancy at the end of this year. The British NANDT Board will provide a new secretary. The chairman position will become vacant in 2015, so all attendes were requested to think about a new chairman;

      -    The document ANDTBF 08, which is a combination of ANDTBF 05 and ANDTBF 07, was accepted 

     -   New version of EN 473 was accepted as the successor of the ISO 9712

     -   Discussion about recognition of other Boards activities (certification, training) both within Europe, but also outside Europe (e.g. Australie)

     -   The Boards of UK, France and Austria have presented their activities and their way of working. Next time some other countries are invited to do so.

     -   Some other subjects to be discussed next meeting are:

             - Remote control: when an inspection is performed, what are the possibilities to take decisions, based on digital information, at another location. E.g. inspection 
performed Portugal on a KLM aircraft and the decision has to be made at Schiphol.                    

             - What criteria do we have for visual inspection, in particular on Composite Materials
Next meeting will be held in Praque on October 7th, 2014. This location is chosen because there will be a European Conference on NDT from 6-10 October in Prague, so for  some members these events can be combined.


Dick Dam

representative of the NANDT Board

NDT Expert Day on the 26th of November 2014

The Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board (NANDTB) organises an NDR specialistday at World Class Aviation Academy (WCCA) in Hoogerheide. The program of the specialistday consists of a number of seminars on Non Destructive Research (NDR) in the field of maintenance and production. During the specialistday suppliers and producers of NDO equipment present their organisation and products to the specialists from the Netherlands and Belgium.

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