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Russian ATO certified by NDT Board

The Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board is happy to announce the audit at the Russion Training Organization SEC <<Kachestvo>> Ltd. was succesfully performed early October.


The training center was approved by the German board BDLI as an supplier of NDT personnel training in accordance to EN 4179. The German Board decided to stop the practice with approval of foreign organizations, so the Russian training center applied for approval by the NANDTB.


The NANDTB concluded that SEC <<Kachestvo>> Ltd. meets the EN4179 and ATO requirements of the Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board in the following NDT methods:

Eddy Current testing - level 1/2/3

Ultrasonic testing - level 1/2/3

Magnetic testing - level 1/2/3

Penetrant testing - level 1/2/3

Radiographic testing - level 1/2/3

Thermographic testing - level 1/2/3


The certification is effective per 30th October 2019.



Draft EN4179:2019

The chairman of the NANDTB represented our Board at the international meeting of the European Federation for Non-Destructive Testing held on 18th June 2019. During this meeting the PrEN4179:2019 was presented. As soon as the definite Standard is available it will be shared on this website.


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