NDT Level II / III Expert Day TU Delft – Faculty of Aerospace Engineering 22 November 2016

At 22 November 2016 the well-visited NDT level II / III Expert Day was organized by the Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board (NANDT Board). Over 70 participants visited the event.
This year’s focus was on Remote Imaging within NDT. Together with the industrial market, showing the latest novelties, a well-balanced program was presented.
The lecture program started with “A Proof-Of-Concept for Drone Inspections. This presentation by Mr. Hans Lucas from KLM Engineering & Maintenance, showed KLM’s current journey to develop and use drone inspections within aircraft maintenance. The results of the first proof-of-concept were shared. It is obvious that many additional work has to be performed, but the current outlook is promising.
The next presentation, presented by Mr. Liam Hanna from Olympus Europe, focused on the latest developments in Remote Visual Inspection and 3D Stereo Measurement Technology. The improved imaging technology, combined with the state-of-the-art computational power, makes the quick and accurate assessment of any possible flaws visible.
Automation in NDT was the subject of “MRO of the Future: Remote Large Scale NDT Inspection”. The presentation was given by Mr. Pieter Troost of TiaT Europe.
Both the manufacturing and repairs within the aircraft / airline industry will require large scale NDT inspections. As time is the crucial factor, automation will rapidly increase within this area. Some striking examples were shown. And the potential future was briefly explored.
Dr. Roger Groves from the TU Delft, focused on the future of aircraft maintenance. “Automated Non-Destructive Testing and Structural Health Monitoring” were presented. As these techniques will generate large amounts of data the concept of big data, automatic processing and decision making are required.
From the laboratory experiments to real-life applications is a long way, but some practical applications were presented.
From a security background, the final presentation by Mr. Yaron Sergev from Opgal NDTherm, focused on “Thermographic Inspections as a Remote Inspection Technology”. Given the fact that different materials and shapes have their own thermal footprint, it was shown that thermographic inspections can be used in an automated environment. New developments in data-processing and recognition will even further enhance this developments.
Although, not focusing on the traditional Non-Destructive Techniques, this program presented new insights to the experts. During the networking event it turned out that these developments are well appreciated.

Nieuwe procedures en formulieren voor approval van ATO (Aerospace Training Organisations) beschikbaar

Om te voldoen aan de eisen vanuit het Europese Forum van nationale NDT boards (EFNDTB) zijn eisen opgesteld voor de erkenning van NDO opleidingen onder EN4179.

NDO opleidingen voor de sector Aerospace dienen erkend te worden door de NANDTB. Er is een schema opgesteld, waarin men kan zien hoe een opleidingscentrum (intern of extern) kan worden erkend. Per organisatie zal conform de flow chart gekeken worden welke stappen nodig zijn om tot de erkenning te komen.

Met deze erkenningen wordt een belangrijke stap gezet om het niveau van NDO personeel voor de sector Aerospace binnen Europa op een gelijkwaardig niveau te krijgen. Landen die voldoen aan de eisen van de EFNDTB zullen onderling tot erkenning overgaan van het NDO personeel.

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