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COVID-19 measures

As a member of the EFNDT, the NANDTB received below message from EFNDT's chairman.


Due recent circumstances (COVID-19), actions are required in regards to expiring NDT certificates per EN4179. To reduce the global spread of the current virus pandemic, such expirations of certificates will be caused by e.g. national travel restrictions, employer’s travel limitations or containment with very low access to companies because of closure.

The NANDTB of Europe will agree on the harmonized actions as follows:

  • Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications (Level 3 re-qualifying for examinations or needing an additional hands-on practical examination for accepting hardware) expiring at 31st March, 30th April, 31st May or 30th June will be extended to 31st July 2020, unless otherwise specified, provided that the following conditions are fulfilled by the person entitled for extension:
    • Operative continuity in the method/level for which he/she is qualified and certified (EN4179/NAS410 para. 8.3.2);
    • During the actual certification, not having been suspended referring to “[…] Individual’s performance is found to be deficient in any manner […]” (EN4179/NAS410 para. 8.3.2);
    • During the actual certification, not having been revoked referring to “[… individual’s conduct is found to be unethical or incompetent […]” (EN4179/NAS410 para. 8.3.3).
  • Emploer has to inform the NAA, if affected by those actions.
  • If the NANDTB requests information regarding the herein descripted actions, it shall be informed accordingly.
  • Postponed recertification examinations shall be performed as soon as possible, even if still covered by the extended period.
  • The original certification date will be unaffected of those actions. For example: A certificate, which will expire on 31st March 2020, extended to 31st July 2020, will require a recertification at 31st March 2025.
  • An extension takes precedence over possible future railed recertification examinations for any past period, which is covered by such extension. If recertification examinations take place during an extended certification period, and the individual fails such examinations, certification shall be suspended from that day on. (acc. to EN4179 para. 8.3.2).

Possible for a second extension beyond July 2020 will be agreed for additional four months, if the causes mentioned for initial extension are still given.

Russian ATO certified by NDT Board

The Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board is happy to announce the audit at the Russion Training Organization SEC <<Kachestvo>> Ltd. was succesfully performed early October.


The training center was approved by the German board BDLI as an supplier of NDT personnel training in accordance to EN 4179. The German Board decided to stop the practice with approval of foreign organizations, so the Russian training center applied for approval by the NANDTB.


The NANDTB concluded that SEC <<Kachestvo>> Ltd. meets the EN4179 and ATO requirements of the Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board in the following NDT methods:

Eddy Current testing - level 1/2/3

Ultrasonic testing - level 1/2/3

Magnetic testing - level 1/2/3

Penetrant testing - level 1/2/3

Radiographic testing - level 1/2/3

Thermographic testing - level 1/2/3


The certification is effective per 30th October 2019.



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