Important Notice!

For those individuals located outside EU territory and where the Dutch Aviation Authorities (CAA-NL) are not the supervising authority, applications for transition or recertification will not be handled by the Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board.
You’re advised to send your application to the NDT Board of the European Country related to the Aviation Authority supervising your country or organization. For an oversight of the Aviation Authority supervising your country or organization please visit the EASA website.

Ndt Expert Day 2009

On November 18th 2009, the Netherlands Aerospace NDT Board held their second Expert Day in Amstelveen. This day turned out to be a major success, since an audience (of more than 60 interested individuals) was present from a diversity of organizations from The Netherlands and Belgium. Amongst those the Dutch Civil Aviation Authorities, Part-21 Design and Production organizations, Part-145 Maintenance Organizations, Research & Development, and Royal Netherlands Air Force.

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